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Our Own Handmade Secrecy Trellis

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Heavy Duty 38mm x 19mm prepared batten used for quality smooth finish

Square size appox 1 inch

Privacy trellis provides the same clearly defined boarder as fence panels while still maintaining visibility.

Available in a variety of different heights, our versatile privacy trellis panels can be used as standalone panels, wall mounted or added to the top of an existing fence.

Privacy trellis panels are perfect for enclosing sitting areas, patios or dividing parts of your garden or landscape. The panels can be integrated into your garden with climbing plants such as honeysuckle or ivy, or alternatively look good left alone.

Our privacy trellis is fully tantalised helping to increase its longevity by reducing environmental effects such as rot and decay.

Colour: The trellis will be neutral (green). If you require brown please order green and contact us to treat.

Bespoke sizes also manufactured at a cost.

Colours available Green & Brown

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6'x6', 6'x5', 6'x4', 6×3', 6×2', 6'x18", 6'x1', 10'X1', 10'x18", 10'X2'

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