We have an array of solutions including perimeter fencing, railings, bow top railings, and security gates, we provide comprehensive coverage for all your needs. Our success stories of delivering outstanding commercial fencing solutions over the last 70 years are a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. Traditionally there are two types of solutions we can offer, palisade and hoarding. Given the varying and specialist nature of these projects, we would recommend contacting us at the earliest opportunity to discuss your requirements.

The use of palisade fencing as a security measure for properties and lands is widespread due to its robustness and versatility. Comprised of steel pales connected to horizontal rails and sturdy vertical posts, the palisade design has been a trusted solution for over a century. It is a popular choice for industrial sites, schools, airports, railways, data centers, and various other locations worldwide.

One of the primary advantages of palisade fencing is its ability to offer superior security and deterrence, making it an ideal option for perimeter protection. Moreover, it is available in different security levels, ranging from standard boundary demarcation to providing defense against attackers who may use powered tools and petrol grinders for a specific duration. Furthermore, a polyester powder-coated finish enhances its efficacy in marking effective boundaries.

Overall, palisade fencing is an efficient and effective means of safeguarding properties and lands. Its exceptional strength and versatility, combined with the ability to customize the level of security, make it a favored choice for a wide range of applications.

Hoarding fences are temporary structures that are used to enclose construction sites and other areas where work is being carried out. They are typically made of wood or metal panels and can be up to 2 meters tall. Hoarding fences serve several purposes, including:

  • Safety: Hoarding fences protect the public from site works and prevent unauthorized access, theft, destruction, and vandalism.
  • Security: Hoarding fences provide a safe and private perimeter fence during building and demolition projects as well as for sizable events like music festivals.
  • Marketing: Hoarding fences can be used as advertising space to promote the project or brand.
  • Boundary demarcation: Hoarding fences can be used to clearly mark the boundaries of a construction site or other area where work is being carried out.

In conclusion, hoarding fences are an essential part of construction sites and other areas where work is being carried out. They provide safety, security, and protection to the general public and workers. They also make excellent marketing tools and are useful for effective boundary demarcation.