Frequently asked questions

The diversity in design, material, purpose, scale, and preferences make selecting a fence an overwhelming task.

Colour – We offer both green and brown timber on most products. The term green has caused confusion with some customers, so the image shows the two types. Like any natural material the colours may vary slightly, but the pictures provide a good guide as to what to expect.

Even observing a professional install a fence can give the impression that the process is uncomplicated, despite the obstacles posed by uneven terrain, trees, and challenging surfaces.

At Tolworth Fencing, we all have experience in fence installation and recall encountering unforeseen complications in seemingly straightforward projects. It is our practical knowledge that distinguishes us from other suppliers.

In an effort to provide guidance and eliminate common concerns, we are developing this page. We will continuously update it with helpful information in the upcoming months, so please check back periodically.


We offer a totally flexible service solution for your fencing requirements including fencing design, sourcing raw materials, construction and finally installation or if you prefer we can supply only.