About Tolworth Fencing Company

In 1946 Tate & Lyle (the sugar company) went over to Kerry in Ireland to employ 350 men to work for their company which was based in Bury St Edmonds, England. One of the men who was chosen to work for them was Patrick Costello together with his four cousins.

Their intention was to work in England for 18 months and then emigrate to Australia.

During the time of working for Tate & Lyle Patrick met Eileen Cullen to whom he married and settled down with whilst his cousins ventured off to Australia.

In 1951 Patrick decided that he wanted a change of career and was employed by Grove Fencing who were based in Esher, Surrey and who he continued to work for until 1958 when he made the decision to set up a business together with a gentleman called Les Mould together they both formed “Fencing & Walls”. The company ran for the duration of two years when both men decided to go their separate ways. Les went on to start “Dale Fencing” based in Cheam and Patrick “Tolworth Fencing”

Tolworth Fencing was run from a flat in Largewood Avenue Tolworth, Surrey hence where the company name originated from, with his wife Eileen running the office side of things. From the age of 12 his eldest son Joe would often help his father fencing at the weekends and during the school holidays.

The business appeared to be going well.

Joe chose not to follow in his father’s footsteps when he left school at the age of 15 and went on to train as a mechanic for FWD Motors for one year then tried his hand at becoming a butcher which lasted for two years before moving on to working for a construction company doing ground work. In 1971 he married Diane Church.

Following an accident one month after the marriage of Joe & Diane Patrick broke his ankle and in order to keep the business going Joe made the decision to go in to partnership with his father.

The business appeared to go from strength to strength. They were approached by some of the main house builders of that time including John Laings, Higgs and Hills & Algreys Developments to do commercial work. Patrick was a little uneasy at first as he was quite happy doing domestic fencing although Joe could see the potential of getting in to the commercial side.

By making the decision to work for the main house builders they achieved great success as they were the main fencing contractor for some of the largest housing developments in the south east.

Sadly Patrick passed away in February 1993 at the age of 68.

Joe continued to take the business forward even though some of the original developers either went in to liquidation or were taken over he was then approached to do work for companies such as Carla, Persimmons, Byrnes Brothers & Devine Homes.

Sadly again Joe then suffered the loss of his mother Eileen who passed away in 2002 aged 73.

His wife Diane then became a director of the company.

In 2002 Joe decided to take the business in to another direction and looked for premises to have a retail yard. Unfortunately there was no premises available in Tolworth and so had to relocate to Morden.

Here he sells fencing to both trade and domestic customers together with his eldest daughter Donna and his grandson Sean who joined the team in recent years.

It is nice to know that even after 61 years and with four generations of the Costello family Tolworth Fencing is still here today.