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Standard size only quoted 5’10” x 3′ (1.75m x 0.9M)

Bespoke sizes manufactured.

Bespoke sizes manufactured.

Sizes from 0.86M x 0.76M (2’10” x 2’6″) to 1.77M x 1.82M (5’10” x 6′)

Typically allow 2 working days for manufacture.

We recommend to wait until the gate posts are installed prior to ordering; this ensures the measurements will be accurate.
The gate frame is constructed using planed square edge timber which is mortised and rebated to allow for a solid construction. This type of gate is supplied untreated to allow for you to be able to stain the gate with your chosen colour.

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2'10"x2'6", 2'10"x3', 2'10"x3'6", 2'10"x4', 2'10"x4'6", 2'10"x5', 2'10"x5'6", 2'10"x6', 3'10"x2'6", 3'10"x3', 3'10"x3'6", 3'10"x4', 3'10"x4'6", 3'10"x5', 3'10"x5'6", 3'10"x6', 4'10"x2'6", 4'10"x3', 4'10"x3'6", 4'10"x4', 4'10"x4'6", 4'10"x5', 4'10"x5'6", 4'10"x6', 5'10"x2'6", 5'10"x3', 5'10"x3'6", 5'10"x4', 5'10"x4'6", 5'10"x5', 5'10"x5'6", 5'10"x6'

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